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Supreme Sealcoating Inc. is a full service asphalt maintenance company in business since 1987. Jim Williams, Founder, owner and operator of the company is a hands on owner. This means you can count on jim to be involved with every contract & work at each job site. At supreme Sealcoating we do one job at a time & "do it right" with scheduling you can count on (weather permitting of course!).The picture on the left was one of our first commercial projects completed in 1988 with minimal inconvenience to residents "16 buildings" and the owners of the property were very pleased. We have grown over the year and do small parking lots with just 10 spaces all the way up to huge lots with 1 million square feet of asphalt.

This job was done in the early 90s in Pompano Beach,Florida. This is a shopping mall in a populated area with alot of traffic. We can do large malls such as this one in smaller sections so businesses do not loose cutomers. This lot had many holes and damaged areas until we got finished with it. Some lots have many cracks caused by a variety of reasons and there are different application methods for covering cracks. Most of our coatings are the two coat spray applications which does not cover cracks but is much more affordable. If you wish to try and cover cracks we can provide a estimate for this but keep in mind the cracks will come back withing a year or two which is why most customers just choose the spray the lot at a much lower price.

We use Starseal Products for all of our jobs. This material holds up very well even under heavy traffic conditions. When we sealcoat asphalt we add the proper amount of sand & additives to the sealer to extend the life of your asphalt as well as the sealcoating job. This job to the left is the American Legion in Deerfield bch. The parking lot had been neglected for many years,so in 1995 we gave the lot a new look. Using sand with sealer provides a non skid finish .

Our sealcoating rig has the super hog large pump able to handle heavy sand mixes up to 15 lbs of sand per gallon of sealer. Most of our applications are either spray or brush coats,however we also are capable of heavy duty sand squeegee applications for filling cracks, but we don't recommend it as cracks come back quickly. We also stripe parking lots & repair holes in asphalt. Need signs or carstops we install those too. Yes we install speedbumps as well!! For more information or to call for a free estimate dial (954)326-9199.

This job is called "Princeton Place" in Deerfield bch,Florida. The Mayor of Deerfield bch at that time lived there & we came highly recommended. This is a before shot while the parking lot was being cleaned on February 16th 2004. This 50,000 ft job was completed in just 2 sections with 36 hrs closing on each side. There was minimal inconvenience to drivers.

As you can see this job came out beautiful & the association was very pleased. Four days of work & Princeton place looks fantastic.

Here are more pictures before and after our work.

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